Rapid Calming Melts

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Our new mint-flavored Rapid Calming Melts feature innovative technology focused on maximizing absorption to provide you with greater calm – faster.

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5mg hand harvested, full-spectrum CBD per melt, 30 ct/jar.



Our mint-flavored Rapid Calming Melts provide members with balance– fast. We’ve partnered with SUM (“Superior Uptake Method”) Biotech to offer this innovative, patent-pending technology to quicken onset time + increase absorption of our farm’s full-spectrum CBD. Use discreetly when you’re on the go, or anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed in an acute moment of stress — and need FAST support from your CBD.

Onset Time: 5-15 minutes

Duration: 3-6 hours

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How to Use+

  1. Swallow a sip of water to wet your mouth.
  2. Place melt under your tongue. Avoid chewing, crushing, or swallowing melt whole!
  3. Allow tab to fully dissolve underneath tongue (wait time <5 minutes).
  4. Wait 5-15 minutes to begin feeling a sense of calm.
  5. Schedule your 1:1 dosage consultation to further personalize your dose!

Supplement Facts/Ingredients+


Mannitol, cellulose, crospovidone, full-spectrum hemp flower extract, sodium stearyl fumarate, silica, natural peppermint flavoring.

Lab Results

Rapid Calming Melts (5mg strength): Download PDF (see note)

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